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Sapphire E-Liquid

Product Code: JUICE
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Sapphire E-Liquid Comes In 30mL for $13.99, 60mL for $18.99 And Special Order 120mL for $34.99

Nic Levels Are 0mg/mL, 3mg/mL, 6mg/mL, 12mg/mL, 18mg/mL, 24mg/mL.

Bam Bam- Watermelon, Guava, Peach and Mango

Banana Cream- Banana and Vanilla

Berry Quake- Sweet Mixed Berries

Butter Custard- Butterscotch Custard

Cappuccino- Rich Dark Coffee

Caramel- Smooth Caramel

Caramel Frappe- Caramel Iced Coffee

Carnival Candy- Sweet Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

Cherry Blossom- Cherry and Blackberry 

Custard- Smooth Vanilla Cream

Dragon Kiss- Dragon Fruit and Peach

Donkey Punch- Mandarin, Nectarine, and Dragon Fruit

Energy- Sweet and Tart Sherbet

Fruit E-Loops- Fruity Creamy Cereal

Full Flavor Tobacco- Very Bold Tobacco

Hazel Leaf- Hazelnut Tobacco\

Just Ripe- Sweet Berry Lemonade and Lime

Kandy Kraze- Banana, Strawberry, and Kiwi Candy

Melonberry- Strawberry Honeydew, and Cantaloupe

Melon Trinity- Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Mango

Miami Beach- Strawberry, Banana, and Mango Pina Colada

Miami Tropics- Orange, Strawberry, and Banana Pina Colada

Miami Vice- Strawberry Pina Colada

Monkey Snacks- Banana Pie

Peach Ring- Peach Gummy Candy

Polar Plunge- Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade

Pomango- Pomegranate and Mango

Prime Tobacco- Subtle Tobacco Flavor

Psychedelic- Wild Berry Rainbow Candy

Raspberry Lemonade- Tart Raspberry Lemonade

Red Rabbit- Strawberry Milk

Royal Tobacco- Moderate Tobacco Flavor

Sour Serpent- Kiwi, Dragon Fruit, and Peach

Strawberry- The Classic

Strawberry Lemonade- Lemonade with Sweet Strawberries

Strawberry Shortcake- Rich Cake, Strawberry, and Graham Cracker Crust

Taffy Apple- Caramel Coated Apple

Vanilla Chai- Vanilla Chai Latte

Vanilla Tobacco- Tobacco and Vanilla

Wild Nectar- Nectarine, Blueberry, and Pomegranate

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